House Rules

We have added new Loresheets, specific to this chronicle. Please see them under the Loresheets section.

Descendant of Loresheets are considered “Bloodlines” and are treated as they are in Tabletop, where Bloodline Loresheets are taken in addition to any other Loresheet you may have. For example, let’s say your are a Toreador and you take Descendant of Helena, you could also take The Circulatory System also. Of course, you would only be able to take so many dots at character creation, but both sheets could be purchased up with XP as well.

You have been Embraced into a distinct bloodline with unique qualities. This gives you access to a second Loresheet that only members of your bloodline possess. All other rules and limitations of the Loresheet Background (Laws of the Night Deluxe, p. 155) apply — “Bloodline” is a distinct Background, and as such you can possess an Advantage from both it as well as the Loresheet Background.

You can take a new Background called “Bloodline” to reflect this hybrid nature. It acts just like the Loresheet Background. Like Loresheet, you can only choose one Bloodline, although you can have one Bloodline and one Loresheet. Storytellers might decide that previously-published bloodline-related Loresheets (such as “Descendant of Hardestadt” and “Descendant of Helena” — Laws of the Night Deluxe, p. 161-162) count as Bloodlines, allowing characters with those Loresheets to take an additional, non-lineage-related Loresheet.