The center of the state of Indiana and its capital.

The Rack

Prime feeding ground in Downtown Indianapolis

The North Side

This is where the more wealthy citizens reside.

The South Side

Most citizens here are well to do, with some wealth down into Greenwood.

The East Side

Mostly a mix all the way from struggling to get by to fairly wealthy. There is a rich, diverse citizenship in this part of town.

The West Side

Similar to the East Side, there too is a diverse citizenship that spans the financial spectrum. There is quite a bit more business on the West Side though.

The Far North Side

The citizens on the Far North Side tend to be very wealthy, as well there are a lot of prominent businesses there to boot.


In Johnson County, Greenwood is directly connected to Indianapolis, separated only by County Line Road. Citizens in Greenwood tend to primarily be middle to upper middle class. The town has seen several new businesses open up there as well.


This area is very wealthy. Large homes and large boats. Everything they could ever want is right there…except for the weather.

Eagle Creek Park/Reservoir

Formerly a den for Lupines, the vampires have claimed this area for their domain and rule over it. The Lupines want it back, but it won’t come easy.

Broad Ripple

The Broad Ripple area is home to hipsters and liberals. Plenty of craft beer and small concerts to go around.