Caleb Slocum

Director of Marketing

Caleb Slocum is a versatile professional with a passion for marketing and storytelling. As the Marketing Director at After Twilight Productions, he combines his strategic expertise with a creative mindset to promote and elevate the brand’s captivating productions. In addition to his role at ATP, Caleb serves as the Data Manager and GIS Coordinator for the Indiana Department of Administration – Division of Public Works, where he utilizes his extensive experience in Geographic Information Systems to optimize data management processes for various projects.

Outside of his corporate responsibilities, Caleb has been an active LARP storyteller since the age of 16, specializing in the World of Darkness game lines, including Changeling, Wraith, and Demon. At After Twilight Productions, he takes pride in leading the flagship changeling game, Dreams Don’t Die, offering players immersive and unforgettable experiences. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a dedication to enriching the LARP community, Caleb’s storytelling expertise has left a lasting impact on countless players throughout the years. When not at work or weaving tales, Caleb enjoys quality time with his family and embraces the responsibilities of a devoted husband and father.

The Board of After Twilight Productions consists of the following persons:
John Givens – Director of IT and Chairman of the Board
Caleb Slocum – Director of Marketing
Brooke Warren – Treasurer
Tam Bicknell – Secretary
Victor Phillips – Ombudsman

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