John Givens

Director of IT
Chairman of the Board

Meet John, a seasoned storyteller and RPG enthusiast with over 20 years of experience in Live Action Roleplay and more than 30 years in Role Play Gaming. From his early days playing Dungeons and Dragons, he ventured into a wide array of games like Twilight 2000, Call of Cthulhu, BattleTech, Warhammer 40K, and Magic the Gathering, among many others.

In 1996, John’s LARP journey began at Indy By Night, where he embodied a mysterious Nosferatu Gangster in Vampire the Masquerade. Since 2001, he has been predominantly involved in storytelling, crafting numerous successful LARPs. Some ran for an impressive five consecutive years, while others featured captivating finite stories lasting 1-3 years.

A dedicated member of the LARP community, John has been part of esteemed organizations like The Modern Enigma Society (formerly The Camarilla), OWbN, and Underground Theatre. His storytelling prowess extends beyond Vampire the Masquerade, encompassing gripping LARP games of Werewolf the Apocalypse, Vampire the Requiem, Werewolf the Forsaken, and cross-genre sagas that interweaved Changelings, Mages, Mummies, and Demons. John’s passion for creating immersive experiences continues to inspire and enrich the vibrant world of LARP and RPG gaming.

The Board of After Twilight Productions consists of the following persons:
John Givens – Director of IT and Chairman of the Board
Vacant – Director of Marketing
Brooke Warren – Treasurer
Tam Bicknell – Secretary
Victor Phillips – Ombudsman

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