Tamara Bicknell


Affectionately known as “Tammy”, a compassionate individual who not only holds the title of Director of Social Services for a long-term care facility but also possesses an unquenchable enthusiasm for interactive role play. Her day-to-day life revolves around caring for others, aiding families in navigating the nuances of various disease processes, and offering a comforting hand during challenging times.

Delving into the world of LARPing, Tammy’s journey spans two decades, igniting in 2004 when an invitation from her best friend led her to Glenn’s Valley. Since that moment, her involvement has been steadfast, with Vampire: The Masquerade becoming a significant part of her gaming repertoire. From embodying the elegance of Ventrue, the whimsy of Malkavian, the allure of Toreador, to the enigmatic Daughter of Cacophony, she’s breathed life into a myriad of roles. Among these, her heart resonates most with the Malkavian archetype, a testament to her appreciation for intricate characters. With her journey intertwined with numerous games and storytellers, her contributions have spanned a rich spectrum.

Before immersing herself in LARPing, Tammy’s interests encompassed the realm of tabletop games. A stalwart player of Dungeons and Dragons for over three decades, she’s long been acquainted with the magic of imaginative storytelling and collaborative gameplay.

The Board of After Twilight Productions consists of the following persons:
John Givens – Director of IT and Chairman of the Board
Vacant – Director of Marketing
Brooke Warren – Treasurer
Tam Bicknell – Secretary
Victor Phillips – Ombudsman

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