Brooke Warren


In 1993, Brooke embarked on a lifelong journey of gaming when she delved into White Wolf’s Vampire: The Masquerade. This ignited a passion that became her guiding star. As an original member of The Beautiful and the Damned, Indianapolis’ first Vampire LARP trope, she discovered a world of imagination and camaraderie.

Enchanted by the Toreador, Setite, and Brujah clans, Brooke found her heart in the World of Darkness. With unwavering commitment, she participated in LARPing for 31 years, save for when she welcomed her two boys. Her gaming interests extended beyond vampires and werewolves into Dungeons & Dragons, board games like Carcassonne and Cards Against Humanity, and card games like Euchre and Poker.

Beyond gaming, Brooke’s personal world flourishes as a mother of four and a grandmother of two, now navigating the realm of empty nesting. Her nimble fingers create art through crocheting and knitting, while her insatiable reading habit consumes three books per week. An avid horror movie buff, she eagerly attends Horror Hound Conventions. Brooke’s life weaves together her passions for gaming, crafting, literature, and the macabre, a testament to a life lived with curiosity, passion, and an unyielding thirst for exploration.

The Board of After Twilight Productions consists of the following persons:
John Givens – Director of IT and Chairman of the Board
Vacant – Director of Marketing
Brooke Warren – Treasurer
Tam Bicknell – Secretary
Victor Phillips – Ombudsman

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