Tremere: Trials and Tribulations

Starting on June 24th, this game will be held on the 4th Saturday of each month at Faraday Toys in Greenwood from 7 PM til 11 PM. Admission is $15.00

This game used the Laws of the Night Revised ruleset for play.

This game is planned to be a limited run of 7 games, but may run longer, with a focus on the characters ascending the Pyramid of the Tremere Clan to become Regent.
The person who attains this goal will be the Regent in an up coming Indy LARP game (more details to come).

Here you can find our House Rules and Other Links:
House Rules
House Rules Addendum
Houses and Orders
Advancing through the Circles of Mysteries
The Pyramid
The Created
Downtime Actions Form

Additional Info:
Everyone starts as circle 1 apprentices. Through the 7 games, you will attempt to progress. I’ll make sure that progression is attainable, but its going to require not just good well-worded downtimes, but role play. There will be 2 NPC Tremere that you have to impress. These NPCs will be portrayed by players as well.

Some ways to progress include, but are not limited to, creating new Paths or Rituals of Thaumaturgy, showing mastery in another form of Blood Magic, getting a higher ranked person knocked down in rank, kissing up to the 2 NPCs, making another Tremere of higher rank look bad, using disciplines in a unique way (such as new Techniques), gaining reputation within the clan (I need to use something similar to Status for this…I think I know the mechanic I want to use, but needs more research). That’s mainly it, I can’t think of much more, but if you think of something, present it and we’ll see.

As a note on creating Paths, Rituals, and Techniques. What I’d like to see on this front is picking Table Top Paths and us converting them to MET. Shouldn’t be overly difficult, as there are several examples. Also, if you know of a dead discipline (as in no longer in print or not used in the modern setting), it could be used as the basis for a new path as well. Take Bardo or Spiritus, for example, there is no MET equal in LotNR’s books, so they could be good examples for conversion. Not sure how practical they are as Thaum Paths, Spiritus more so than Bardo, but still.

Food for thought.

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