Chronicle Summary

Chronicle Name: Remnants of the Damned
Chronicle Tenets: Socio-Political

+Manipulation is Power: You understand that in the intricate web of social and political maneuvering, manipulation is a tool wielded by the savvy. You are adept at influencing others to further your agenda, even if it means sacrificing their trust or exploiting their vulnerabilities.

+ Ethics of Ambition: In the pursuit of power and influence, you adhere to a strict code of ethics that prioritizes personal gain while minimizing collateral damage. You believe in achieving your goals through cunning and strategy rather than resorting to indiscriminate violence or wanton destruction.

+ Alliances are Temporary: Loyalty is a rare commodity in the world of politics. You understand that alliances are formed out of convenience rather than genuine trust, and you are always prepared to adapt and betray when necessary to safeguard your interests. In this game of shadows, you trust only in your own cunning and resilience.

Setting Area: Indianapolis/Marion County and surrounding counties.

Near-by Cities:

+ Chicago, IL – Contested
+ Cincinnati, OH – Camarilla
+ Detroit, MI – Anarch
+ Louisville, KY – Contested

Clans Not allowed: